About work in progress

Cross and Zeese : Work In Progress 2018

Sasaki Gallery

Watertown, MA.


This exhibition is split into three distinct sections. The first, a look at Cross and Zeese’s independent work from the past years, reveals a crossover of thoughts rooted in a similar appreciation for color, form, narrative and beauty. Second, the artists invite you to observe and interact in their fictional joint studio space where they will be collaborating over the course of the exhibit. This working studio provides a glimpse into the objects that they choose to surround themselves with, the tools they use, and how they express their ideas. The final section of the gallery will come to life over the course of the exhibit. The two artists’ in-house collaboration will result in a new body of self portraits which will be built, sewn, painted, and iterated on at Sasaki.

For the artists, it was an intuitive decision to create self portraits together. An oxymoron that opens them up to an intimate experience full of questions about the representation of themselves and their ideas. How can we work together to depict ourselves and a narrative about our experience? Does a self portrait simply become a portrait when someone else works on it? What will result when our personal routines of making are altered or maybe even challenged?  

“Work in Progress” is an open door for suggestion to something that will change at any moment. Zeese and Cross encourage you to become players in influencing their evolving work. Spend time in the studio, propose ideas, leave notes, suggest books. A work in progress allows permission for change, conversions, and development, sometimes acting as a safety net around something we are not yet sure how to talk about.


To view more work by Mia Cross visit www.miacross.com